Random Crud - interesting and amusing stories for geeks http://www.randomcrud.com/ Bizarre, strange, unusual and interesting stuff from around the web Smartie + Jelly Bean = Jartie http://www.randomcrud.com/n1_jartie.php Combining smarties and jelly beans. Belated Tribute to Cream bass player, Jack Bruce http://www.randomcrud.com/n1_jack_bruce.php I've only just returned from holiday, so apologies for the lateness of this post, about Cream bass player Jack Bruce. As you may know, Jack Bruce died a few days ago, so I thought it only fitting to post a quick note - if you haven't heard his music befo 7 Unusual Foods http://www.randomcrud.com/n1_7_unusual_foods.php Many people have been expanding their culinary horizons over the last few years - I know I have. But what if you fancy a real change - something truly out of the ordinary? Could Hillary choose Bill as her Vice President? http://www.randomcrud.com/n1_bill_clinton_vice_president.php Is Bill Clinton eligible to be Vice President? The Jigsaw Man Comes to America? http://www.randomcrud.com/n1_jigsaw_man.php South Carolina is considering giving prisoners time off their sentences if they voluntarily donate organs or bone marrow